1st Birthday Gift Guide

ONE - It is a special birthday huh? It's possibly one of my favourite ages to buy for!

Here's a round up of some of my favourites...

Baby Rosa & Baby Jim - These sweet Little Dutch dolls want to be cuddled & carried all day long! They are great for younger kids, being soft and easy to handle. The dummy is magnetic too, it's great! 

Baby Doll Rosa - Little DutchBaby Doll Jim - Little Dutch

Doll Stroller - This beautifully pretty dolls stroller in spring flowers print from Little Dutch is one of the prettiest strollers we have ever seen!

It even comes with extra storage space underneath the seat, to store all of your extra doll accessories - It’s perfect! The perfect pram/pushchair.

Little Dutch Doll Stroller Pram - Spring Flowers

Lanka Kade Collectible Animals - There are so many to choose from. This set of 6 is a great collection to start with for age 1 - Get your little ones to roar, snap & run! Shop LANKA KADE for the full collection. The farm set is popular too!

World Animals Bag of 6

Race Tracks (Pink or Blue) - These are ideal for age 1 - Watch the cars roll down the ramp with this beautiful wooden race track. 

Little Dutch Blue Wooden Race Track

Dog in a Bag - If your little one loves dogs, but like me, you could do without an extra mouth to feed....This is the next best thing right?! 

Dog in a Bag

Little Dutch Mint Kitchen - This beautiful play kitchen comes with lots of lovely extras -  an oven with a door, a storage shelf, a sink with a tap, a clock and a stove with two hobs - Perfect to get creative!

Little Dutch Mint Wooden Play Kitchen

Wooden Sound Puzzle - Match the animals with the sounds, endless fun! It is such beautiful quality. Big & sturdy, such a cute gift.

Little Dutch Wooden Puzzle with Sounds - Goose

Flashcards - The best way to start their journey into learning numbers, shapes and objects!

Shapes & Colours Flashcards

Miniland Dolls - These beautiful, timeless dolls from Miniland promote the value of equality within kids regardless of their race, gender or condition and allows them to also learn about the diversity in all of us and how to develop social skills such as empathy and tolerance.

Miniland 21cm Girl Doll

Soft Play - If you are looking for a 'big present' - This is by far your number 1 choice. Amazing fun to be had for years to come, with this amazing soft play set!

 Grey & White Soft Play Stairs & Slide

Dolls House - Such a magical present, to be passed down through the generations. 

Little Dutch Wooden Dolls House

Wooden Cars Vrooom! Wooden car's make for hours of fun - We have so many to choose from, at such a great price!

Little Dutch Wooden Green Van

I hope that little round up helps, we have soooo many things suitable from ages 1-5, if you need any help choosing, feel free to whizz me a message on Instagram or send us an email. I am always here to help!

Our Instagram is a great place for Inspo too.

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