Local Collection Information


Thank you for choosing local collection from our premises in Wollaston, Stourbridge DY8.

Once you’ve placed your order, when it is packed and ready to collect you’ll receive an email notification with our address and instructions, from that point, your order is ready to collect immediately from our collection cupboard outside.

*PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK EMAILS* as sometimes email will go into there. Mark them as safe so we don’t go into your junk each time.

Please note: Collection times are between 8am-6:30pm only. No exceptions. Please do not come to collect any later than 6:30pm.

You MUST collect your order within 3 days of receiving your collection email. Please take this into consideration when placing your order.

We’ll pack your collections up as quickly as possible, so please be prepared to collect it quickly once you’ve placed your order.

‘No show’ collections will be invoiced £3.50 to ship your order out to you. We don’t have enough space to keep your orders any longer than 3 days.

PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL when coming to collect your orders. Help yourself to your order in the cupboard. It will have your name on, please check you have the right order before leaving.

Please don’t come until you have the correct email to show your order is ready to collect with our address.

Please arrive/pick your order up quietly. This is our home, we have 3 children (often napping!) so please think about this when you come. If you’re sending someone else to collect your order. Please pass on these important details.

There are 2 cupboards to collect from, both in the porch. Please check both cupboards.

Feel free to park on the yellow line outside our house as you’ll be collecting super quick so it’s no problem to pull directly outside. 

✨ Note from Hannah - Once again, I apologise for the extra rules, but in order to keep the collection service going, these rules need to be implemented. I’m so grateful to all of my local customers & would like to keep offering this service as long as I can. With your help, I hope we’ll be able too. Thank you xx ✨