My Little Village - Train Station Book

My Little Village - Train Station Book

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Choo Choo! The little wooden train is busy making sure all the people of the village are getting to where they need to go.

You can even turn the box into a small train station and busy platform!

About ~ My Little Village is a groundbreaking new series which combines the world of books with the world of toys and games.

The series consists of six titles that can be put together in any way to form a small village.

Each box contains -

• a selection of high-quality wooden toys

• a sturdy and colourful puzzle

• a 64-page fully photographic introduction to the subject aimed at the curious 3-5 year old age group.

We strive to use packaging in the most interesting way possible....

In My Little Village, each box transforms into something essential for the specific title. The box becomes a house, a garage or a train station!

So clever and perfect for little imaginations.