Jabadabado Bed Canopy - Natural

Jabadabado Bed Canopy - Natural

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Sleep like the princess on the pea with this lovely canopy. It will transform the kids room to a magical place and make the sleeping area so cosy that even children will long to go to bed! The canopy can also be hung in the middle of the room to make an exciting play area. Or fill up the canopy with lots of pillows and create a cosy reading corner. No matter how the canopy is used, it will provide a decorative detail that gives the children's room a luxurious feel.  Suitable for cots, junior beds/children’s beds or as a den/tent.

Handwash 30°

Has string so it can be hung from the ceiling.                                                            

Canopy is made to fit any size bed. 

Can be hung from a ceiling hook or eyelet screw; not included.

Material: Polyester 80%, Cotton 20%